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What are Herbs?
Herbs are excellent plant sources of foods loaded with nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) which our body can use to achieve and maintain good health.  Herbs also nourish, regulate, cleanse and help the body heal itself.  Herbs are powerful natural foods.

Do Herbs Cure?
No.  They nourish.  If the body has the ability to heal, it will use the raw materials found in foods to do its own healing work.  Herbs do not heal, they feed.  Herbs do not force the body to maintain and repair itself.  They simply support the body in these natural functions.

Are There Certain Herbs For Certain Diseases?
Herbs do not address disease.  Herbs have been chosen - over thousands of years of history - to feed different parts of the body.  For instance, you might eat carrots for good eyesight and broccoli for immune supporting antioxidants.  Are carrots and broccoli cures for glaucoma and cancer?  No!  But, wouldn't you consume these nourishing herbal foods "at times of" these afflictions?  History's answer is yes!  Thus we get "Historical uses."

Why Do Some Herbs Work and Others Do Not?
Herbs always work, they work because they are only feeding the body.  Have you ever heard of carrots not working?  It's not that the herb didn't's that your body didn't need those materials to do the healing work you expected.  Also, some people have poor digestive systems and may not be absorbing the nutrients completely.

Is Natural Health a Replacement For Medical Doctors and Hospitals?
No.  Natural health is a way of life!  It's learning to form a lifestyle that supports and fosters health (i.e., pure water, wholesome foods, exercise, good outlook, stress management, etc.)  Joy of life is the foundation of natural health, not fear of death.  Seek a health professional that helps you further your choice and rights.

Are Dietary Supplements an Important Part of Natural Health?
Absolutely.  The foods we have today are S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).  Modern farming practices and food processing have rendered our food supply deficient and unbalanced.  Our bodies take in too much of some things, not enough of others, and some things that should never be consumed.  Wholesome food is hard to find.  Dietary supplementation may help satisfy nutritional deficiencies, support natural body processes that cleanse undesirable substances from the body, and promote the endurance and longevity desired.

 Herbs Feed, Regulate 
and Cleanse the Body Naturally