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In.Form is a 12-week group weight loss program designed to educate you on how you can safely reach your weight management goals. More importantly, the education you receive incorporates lifestyle changes that will help you keep your weight managed after completion of the course. Why do a group class setting? Because 92% of people fail at weight loss when doing it individually.


Get IN.FORMed. 
IN.FORM is a unique weight-management and 
healthy lifestyle program from Nature’s Sunshine, 
the world leader in premium-quality health 
supplements. It’s a 13-week journey to: 
• improved energy and vitality 
• happiness and greater self-image
• better health habits
• emotional balance
• and yes, weight loss



The IN.FORM program includes ALL of 
the following: 
• Weekly accountability sessions. Discover 
your body’s unique strengths and needs! Weigh in and get measured using our unique IN.FORM BioTracker that measures weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass and more! 
• Health Education. Gain knowledge and life skills to achieve lasting health.
• Social Support. A fun group setting gives you an instant social network. Friends with similar goals help you along your journey to success.
• Personalized, Flexible Programs. Eat what you want and we’ll customize a Nature’s Sunshine supplement program to meet your individual needs. 
No pre-packaged meals!